Jordan Abbott




Design, name and brand a piece of wearable tech that improves the lives of people living with dementia.


The Message

First, the bad news: By 2050, over 115 million people worldwide will have dementia. The good news, however, is that in recent years, awareness of dementia has drastically improved. This means public funding and donations are on the up, people are talking about it more, and companies are investing in products that help improve the lives of people living with the condition.


This is your chance to design a piece of wearable technology for People living with dementia, which helps them, continue to live an independent life after diagnosis.



Design it, name it, brand it. The world has shifted; people want to learn about dementia, so make sure it gets noticed. It should be grounded in reality. Make it affordable, research the disease, look at wearable tech trends that can change your lifestyle. And don’t forget to check what exists already!


Additional thinking into how the product could make use of current digital trends will score bonus points.

The Solution

RePlayer is a Tech Watch that aims to assist users in remembering those precious lost memories. With the use of your carer and close friend program, users can to listen to familiar songs accustomed to their preference in music and carefully handpicked from the user’s past. The watch was developed mainly for the use of carers, whilst the dementia patient can sit and relax to the sounds that surrounded their past.


RePlayer aims to trigger and reinforce the emotions that are associated with cherished memories that the user struggles to recall. Playing beloved songs taken from important events that occurred in the user’s life prompts the user to feel those same emotions that they once felt when enjoying that song and remind them of sacred moments that have slipped from their memory. This arousal of emotion intends to enable users to slowly rebuild and recall momentous life events. The use of this technology could enable users to relive amazing events such as their wedding day, birthdays, the days their children were born. This watch is the key to their precious past.


RePlayer is available in 3 different versions, The Omega Watch, The Casio Watch and for those with a more modern preference the Iwatch- that comes in the form of an app. The 3 versions cater for different generations and ensure that this product is the suited to the individual user.


RePlayer explores 5 exciting areas, The Library, Player, Favorites, Carer and Memo’s- explained on the A2 sheets.


The advertisements featured in the magazine spread and on the bus stop displays would capture the interest of the public and urge them to discover more about RePlayer. This would create essential awareness of dementia and recognition of the extent to which this terrible disease affects the lives of so many.